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7 Outfit that Make Staying Cool in Rainy Season

Girls, rainy season would make you be able to find the right outfit when going out of the house or lodging house, right? yup, the habit of flooding in several cities in Indonesia is headache. Not only makes it difficult to determine the right outfit, you also will find it hard to access places to hang out. But, for you are lovers of fashion, attractive and cool in the rainy season of baseball will miss, right? Here are some that you can outfit sontek for clothing hujanmu season.

Use Color-Color Warm
musim dingin 

Using warm colors in the rainy season will make you feel warm when the wind and rain came rintikan. Use muted colors, such as gray, green, red, beige, and brown to make your day to stay warm in the rainy season. Using high boots are also a good idea to ward off rain water that soaks your feet.

Protected, But Still Sexy

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For you who want to still look sexy in this rainy season can still display the feminine side by wearing a frilly dress combined with a leather jacket and matching leather shoes. Do not forget to wear socks that keep your feet warm yes, Gladis.
Charismatic in Rainy Season

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You who still want to look charismatic in front of subordinates or clients, can wear a long coat with a scarf beranada combined together, and skinny pants and warm-colored high heels.
Casual for the Tomboy

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Make you a tomboy and was pleased to appear casual or androgynous could nih wear shirts and sweaters, and blazers or short coats paired with skinny pants and sneakers. Carefully flooded areas so that the wear sneakers that are not waterproof!

musim dingin4 

You were happy to appear fashionable wherever and whenever it suits nih to wear shirts, sweaters and long coats paired with skinny pants and boots and black leather bag this.
The Cute 

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For you who likes to appear cool and relaxed really fit to wear black superiors and subordinates are combined with vintage bags, long cardigan, sneakers, and a cap like the picture above.

The Relaxing

musim dingin6 

In addition to the cap, you can also express cuekmu appearance by using skullcaps in the head. You can also wear a bag tenteng canvas to make your appearance look more relaxed.
So Girls, from above seventh style where are you Love?
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